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 Rachael, the Righteous Radegunda, Ascetic Raphael, Archangel

Raphael, Hieromartyr, Archimandrite, of Lesvos, 1463

Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn Razhden of Persia, The Georgian Rebecca, the Righteous  Reginus, Bishop of Skopel
 Reginus of Cyprus Remaclus, Bishop of Maastricht in Holland Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, Apostle of the Franks Renatus (René), Bishop of Angers in France
Rhais [Irais], Martyr of Antinoe, Egypt  Rhais of Alexandria, Egypt Richard of Wessex Richarius  
 Rigobert of Rheims  Rimmas, Disciples of the Apostle Andrew Ripsimia Robert, Abbot of Blois
 Rodion, Apostle  Roman, Prince of Uglich Roman, Prince of Ryazan Romanus, the Melodist
 Romanus Romanus, Ascetic, Wonderworker of Cilicia Romuald, Abbot of monastery in Classe near Ravenna Rostislav, Prince of Great Moravia
Rufinus the Deacon Rufus, Apostle

Rufus, Martyr

Rupert, Archbishop of Salzburg, Apostle of Bavaria & Austria

Ruth, the Righteous