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Damascene John, Ascetic, Hymnwriter Damian, Selfless Physician of Asia Damian, Selfless Physician of Rome

Damian, Selfless Physician of Arabia

Damian, Ascetic Martyr, The New, 1568  

 Daniel, Prophet  Daniel, Archbishop of Serbia Daniel, Prince of Moscow
Daniel, Martyr Daniel, the Hesychast of Romania Daniel, Ascetic of Thaso Daniel, Ascetic, The Stylite
Daria, Martyr  David, Prophet and King David IV, King of Georgia David, Prince of Georgia
 David, Ascetic, of Euboia David, Ascetic, of Thessalonica, 1813 David, Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslav David [Peter], Wonderworker of Murom
David, Patron Saint of Wales David, of Garesjei, Georgia David, Martyr of Georgia  Deborah, The Righteous
 Declan, Bishop in Ardmore in Ireland Deiniol (Daniel), Bishop of Bangor in Wales  Demetrianus, Bishop of Kythrea, Cyprus Demetrianus, Bishop of Tamasus, Cyprus
Demetrius, Greatmartyr, The Outpourer of Myrrh Demetrius [Dimitri] Metropolitan of Rostov, Russia Demetrius [Dimitri] Prince of Moscow, Russia Demetrius, Wonderworker of Priluki, Vologda
Demetrius, Tavdadebuli, King of Georgia Demetrius, Hieromartyr, Benevolenskii of Tver Demetrius, Martyr Demetrius, Newmartyr of Chios, 1802
Demetrios, Newmartyr of Ano Moulion, Crete Demetrius, Newmartyr of Peloponnesus, 1803 Demetrius, Newmartyr of Samarina 1808 Demetrius or Metrus, Newmartyr of Peloponnesus, 1794
Demos, Newmartyr, of Smyrna, 1763 Demosthenes, Martyr Denis (Dionysius), Bishop of Paris Dinar, Queen of Georgia
Diodorus, Abbot of Yuriev Monastery, Solovki Diodorus, Martyr Diogenes, Martyr Diomedes, Martyr, Selfless Physician of Tarsus
Diomedes, Ascetic of Cyprus Dione [Diona] of the Forty Virgin Martyrs Dionysius, Hieromartyr, The Areopagite, Archbishop of Athens Dionysius, Patriarch of Alexandria
Dionysius, of Zakynthos, Archbishop of Aegina Dionysius, of the Seven Youths of Ephesus Dionysius, New Ascetic martyr of Vadopedi, 1822 Dionysius, Ascetic, The Rhetoric, of Athos
Dionysius, Ascetic, of Olympus Dionysius, Ascetic, The Athonite Dionysius, Ascetic, Abbot of Glushetsk Vologda Dionysius, of Radonezh, Archimadrite of St. Sergius' Monastery
Dioscorus, Bishop Dismas, the Good Thief Dodo, Ascetic of the St David-Gareji Monastery, Georgia Dodona, Martyr
Dometianus, Bishop of Melitene  Dometius, Martyr, The Persian Dometius
Founder of Dionysiou Monastery, Athos
Dominic of Sora, Ascetic
Dominica [Cyriaca] Greatmartyr Dominica [Cyriaca] of Rome Domna, Martyr Domnica or Domnina, Ascetic
Ascetic, The New
Domnus, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Donald (Donivald), Ascetic in Ogilvy in Scotland Donnan (Dounan), Founder of monastery on Island of Eigg, Inner Hebrides
Dorothea, Martyr Dorothea, of Kasin Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre Dorotheus, Martyr, of Megara
Dorymedon, Martyr Dosithea, Queen of Russia Dositheus, Ascetic Dositheus, of Tbilisi, Hieromartyr
Dovmont [Domont, Timothy], Prince of Pskov Dragutin of Serbia, Theoctistus in Monasticism Drosida or Drosis, Martyr, Princess, Daughter of Traianus Drostan, Abbot of Deer in Aberdeenshire, Apostle of Scotland
Dubricius (Dubric, Dyfrig), Archbishop of Caerleon Ducas, Newmartyr, of Mytilene, 1564 Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury Dympna (Dymphna), Ireland