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 Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht in Holland  Lambros, Newmartyr of Peloponese, 1786 Lampro, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs

Larissa [Varis]

  Laserian (Molaisse), Bishop of Leighlin in Ireland

 Laura, Ascetic Martyr, Nun Laurence, Archdeacon Laurence the Recluse, of the Kiev Far Caves
 Laurence of Megara  Laurence, the Fool for Christ at Kaluga Laurence, Bishop of Balakin, Russia  Laurus, martyr 
  Lazar of Serbia  Lazarus, The Four Days Dead, Bishop of Kitium  Lazarus,Ascetic, Gallesiotes, Wonderworker  Lazarus of Murom
Lazarus the Shepherd, Bulgaria Leander of Seville, Apostle of the Visigoths  Leo Pope of Rome  Leo, Bishop of Catania, Sicily
 Leonard, Abbot of Noblac in Limoges Leonid of Ustnedumsk Leonides Bishop of Athens Leonidas of Corinth
Leontius, Bishop, Wonderworker of Rostov Leontius, Bishop of Neapolis, Cyprus

Leontius, Martyr, Selfless Physician

Leontius, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Leontius, martyr Leontius, martyr Leontius, martyr Leontius of Radauti
Leontius of Achaia

Leontius, Ascetic of Athos, The Outpourer of Myrrh, 1605

Liafwine (Lebuin), Ascetic of England Libya
Linus, Apostle Lioba, Abbess of Bischoffsheim Longinus the Centurion Lucianus, Hieromartyr, Presbyter of Antioch

Lucian, The Presbyter of the Kiev Caves

Lucian, of Georgia Lucillianus Lucius, The Councillor
Lucy Lucia, the Virginmartyr Ludger, Bishop of Münster in Germany  Ludmilla, Grandmother of St. Wenceslaus
Luke, Apostle and Evangelist Luke, Steiriotes Luke, the Steward of the Kiev Near Caves

Luke, Ascetic, The New Stylite

Luke, New Ascetic-martyr of Mytilene, 1802 Luke the Physician of Crimea Loupas  Lydia
Lydia, the Purple-seller

Lysimachus, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste