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Sabba (Savva) the Sanctified Sabba (Savva), 1st Archbishop of Serbia Founder of Chilandari Sabba (Savva) II, Archbishop of Serbia

Sabba (Savva) , the Vemataris

 Sabbas (Savva), Stratelates

Sabbas (Savva) , Abbot of Moscow

Sabba (Savva) , of Vadopedi Monastery

Sabba (Savva), Abbot of Zvenigorod
 Sabba (Savva) of Kalymno Sabba (Savva) Trlajic of Serbia  Sabba (Savva) of Khakhuli  Sabbatius
 Sabbatius of Solovki Sabbatius of Tver Sabiana, Abbess of Samtskhe Monastery  Sabinus of Egypt
 Sabinus, Bishop of Canosa in Apulia in Italy Sabinus (Savin), Apostle of the Lavedan Pyrenees, France  Sacerdon of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Salome, The Myrrhbearer
 Salome, Martyr of Georgia Samonas, martyr  Samson the Hospitable Sampson, Bishop in Cornwall

Samuel The Prophet

 Samuel, Second Catholicos of Georgia Sappho, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs Sarah the Righteous 
Sarah, Ascetic, The Egyptian  

Sarantes, Martyr

Sarmean,  Catholicos of Kartli, Georgia

Saturninus [Satorninus]

Martyr of Crete

Saturninus Hieromartyr, Bishop of Toulouse Scholastica, Ascetic, Sister of St. Benedict

Sebastiana, Martyr

Sebastiana, Ascetic, Wonderworker

Sebastian, Martyr

Sebastian, Martyr, Prince

Seiriol, Ascetic, of Ynys-Seiriol (Puffin Island), Wales

Sennen,  Martyr at Rome 

Seraphim, Bishop Phanarion, 1601

Seraphim, Metropolitan of Chichagov

Seraphim, of Sarov  [+1833]

Seraphim,  Martyr, of Megara

Seraphim, Ascetic, Domvoites, Levadia, 1602

Seraphim, of Virits

Serapia [Seraphima]

Martyr of Antioch

Serapion, Archbishop of Novgorod

Serapion, Ascetic

Serapion, Ascetic, The Sindonite  

Serapion,  Martyr of St. David Gareji Monastery, Georgia

Sergius, Martyr

Sergius, Ascetic of Magistras Monastery  

Sergius, Ascetic, Wonderworker of Valaam

Sergius, Ascetic, Abbot of Nurma, Russia

Sergius, Ascetic, of Radonezh, Wonderworker, Russian

Sergius Srebryansky, New Confessor of Tver

Servatus (Servais)

Bishop of Tongres in Belgium

 Severian, Martyr

Severian, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Shalva, of Akhaltsikhe   

Shalva, of Georgia

Shio Mgvime, Ascetic

Shio Mgvime, Anchorite of Georgia

Shushanik (Susanna), Queen of Georgia

Sidonia, of Georgia 

Sidonius Apollinaris

Bishop of Clermont in France

Sigfrid, Ascetic, Bishop, Apostle of Sweden

Sigolena (Segoulème), Abbess of convent of Troclar, France  

Silas, Apostle

Silouan, Ascetic, The Athonite

Silouan, Martyr

Silvanus [Silouan],  Apostle

Simon, Apostle, The Zealot  

Simon, Ascetic, The Athonite, Outpourer of Myrrh

Simon, the Monk,

[St. Stephen], King of Serbia

Sisinius, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Sisoes, Ascetic, The Great

Smaragdus, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Socrates, Hieromartyr, Presbyter

Socrates, Ascetic-martyr of Tiverioupliso

Socrates, Bishop of Karpasia, Cyprus

Solomon, The righteous King

Solomonia, Mother of the Seven Maccabees

Sopatra, Ascetic

Sophia, Martyr

Sophia, Martyr

Sophia, Ascetic, of Thrace

Sophia. Ascetic of Monastery Kleisoura, Kastoria, 1974  

Sophocles, Martyr   

Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem

Sophronius, Bishop of Irkutsk   

Sophronius, Bishop of Bratsis, Bulgaria

Sophronius,  Ascetic

Sophronius, Ascetic of Athos

Sophronius, Founder of Monastery of St. John the Baptist, Essex 

Sosicrates, Bishop of Theodosian, Limassol, Cyprus

Sosipater, Apostle   

Sosthenes, Apostle

Soter, Bishop of Theodosian, Limassol, Cyprus

Sozomenus, Ascetic of Galatia, Karpasia, Cyprus

Sozon, Martyr

Sozon of Cyprus

Sozon, of Nicomedia

Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythunta, Cyprus

Stachys, Apostle

Stamatius, Newmartyr, 1680

Stamatius, Newmartyr of Spetsa, 1822

Stephanis, Martyr

Stephen, Protomartyr, Archdeacon

Stephen, Pope of Rome

Stephen, Archbishop of Sourozh, Russia

Stephen, Bishop of Perm, Russia   

Stephen, of Decani, Serbia

Stephen, (Simon) King of Serbia, the First-Crowned

Stephen Lazaveric

King of Serbia

Stephen (Uroš)

King of Serbia

Stephen Stiljanovic, Despot of Serbia   

Stephen Miliutin, of Serbia

Stephen,  Great Prince of Moldavia

Stephen, Ascetic, The New, Confessor

Stephen, Ascetic, The Sabbaite 

Stephen, Wonderworker, Abbot of Tryglia, Russia

Stephen,  Abbot of Makhrishche, Vologda  

Stephen, of Komel, Abbot of Ozersk, Vologda  

Stephen, Abbot of the Kiev Caves, Bishop of Vladimir

Stephen of Khirsa,

Disciple of John Zedazneli

Stephen of Georgia 

Stephen Brancoveanu

Stephen, King of Hungary

Stratonica, Martyr

Stratonicus, Martyr [+320]

Stratonicus, Martyr

Sturm (Sturmi), Abbot of Fulda, Apostle of Germany

Stylianus, Ascetic, of Paphlagon

Susanna, the righteous

Susanna [Sosanna]


Susanna [Sosanna]

 Mother of St. Nina of Georgia

Susanna [Sosanna]

Called John, Ascetic Martyr

Swithbert the Younger, Bishop of Werden in Westphalia 

Swithun (Swithin), Bishop of Winchester  

Sylvester, Pope of Rome [+335]

Sylvester, Abbot of Obnora  

Symeon [Simeon],  The Host of God

Symeon [Simeon],  Bishop of Jerusalem, The Lord's Brother 

Symeon [Simeon]

Bishop of Persia

Symeon [Simeon]


 Symeon [Simeon]

Ascetic, 9c

Symeon [Simeon], Ascetic, The Stylite

Symeon [Simeon], Ascetic, of the Wonderful Mountain

Symeon [Simeon], Ascetic, The New Theologian

Symeon the Pious

Symeon [Simeon]

Ascetic, of Phlamourio, 1594

Symeon [Simeon], Ascetic, Abbot of Philotheou, Athos

Symeon [Simeon]

Ascetic, The Fool for Christ

Symeon [Simeon]

Wonderworker of Verkhoturye

Symeon the Outpourer of Myrrh, Founder of Chilandari

Symeon the Monochiton and Anypodetos, 1594

Symeon (Simeon) the Wonderworker, Georgia

Syncletica,  Ascetic [+350]

Synesius, Bishop of Karpasia, Cyprus

Synetus,  Martyr

Syra, Martyr of Persia

Syrus, Bishop and Patron Saint of Pavia in Italy