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Aaron, Archpriest and Prophet

Abdon, Martyr,

Persian noble at Rome

Abel, The Righteous

Abercius, Bishop of Hierapolis, Equal to the Apostles

Abibu, Bishop of Nekressi

in Georgia 

Abibus, Martyr  Abibus, Martyr  Abo, Martyr of Tbilisi
Abraames, Ascetic, Bishop of Carres in Palestine Abraham the Righteous Abraham, Martyr, of Bulgaria Abramius, Hieromartyr, Bishop of Arbela in Assyria 
Abramius Ascetic  Abramius, Wonderworker, Archimandrite of Rostov  Abramius, Archimandrite, Wonderworker of Smolensk Acacius, Bishop of Melitene 
Acacius, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Acacius, Ascetic Martyr 1815 Acacius, Ascetic of Sinai, [mentioned in Ladder]  Acacius, The New, Ascetic, Kausokalyvites, 1730
Acepsimas, Martyr, Bishop of Persia  Acepsimas, Martyr of Egypt Acepsimas, Ascetic Achaicus, Apostle 
Achillius, Archbishop of Larissa  Achim, Martyr, of the Seven Maccabees Acindynus, Martyr  Acindynus, Martyr of Nicomedia
Acribe, Martyr Adalbert, of Praque Apostle to Prussia Adalbert, (Adelbertus) Patron saint of Egmont in Holland  Adam, The First-created
Adamantina, Martyr Adela, Daughter of Dagobert II, King of the Franks  Adrian, Martyr, Prince of Rome Adrian, Martyr of Nicomedia
Adrian, Abbot of Ondrusov, Valaam  Adrian, Ascetic Martyr, of Poshekhonye, Yaroslavl  Aedesius, Martyr Aethalas, Martyr 
Aetherius, Hieromartyr of Cherson  Aetius, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Afra, Martyr of Augsburg Africanus, Martyr of Carthage 
Africanus, Martyr   Agabus, Apostle Agape, Martyr

Agapetus, Bishop, Confessor

Agapetus, Selfless Physician of the Kiev Near Caves  Agapius, Martyr of Caesarea  Agapius, Martyr   Agapios
Hieromartyr of Galatistis
St. Agapius
Ascetic of Vadopedi Monastery
Agatha, Martyr of Palermo, Sicily Agathangelos, Martyr  Agathangelos, Hieromartyr, of Esphigmenou 1818
Agathodoros, Martyr Agathocleia, Martyr Agathoniki, Martyr Agathonicus, Martyr
Agathopus, Martyr of Crete Aglaia, Martyr, of Rome Aglaius, Martyr Agnes, Martyr 
Agrippina, Martyr of Rome  Ahmet, the Calligrapher, New Martyr 1682 Aidan, of Lindisfarne  Ailbe [Albeus, Ailbhe], First Bishop of Emly in Ireland
Akaki Asistavi, of Georgia, Disciple of John Zedazneli of Zaden Alban, Protomartyr of Britain Albinus [Aubin], Bishop of Angers in France Alciviades, Martyr  
Alcmund, A prince of Northumbria Alena, Martyr of Brussels in Belgium Alentina or Valentina of Caesarea Alexander, Patriarch of Constantinople
Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria Alexander, Bishop of Comana Alexander, Bishop of Amathus, Cyrpus  Alexander, Martyr of Thrace
Alexander, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Alexander, Martyr of Constantinople Alexander, Nevsky, Prince of Russia  Alexander Hotovitski, New Hieromartyr, Russia  
Alexander, Ascetic, Abbot of Oshevensk Alexander, Abbot of Svir Alexander
Newmartyr of Thessaloniki, The Dervisis, 1794
Alexander (Schmorell)
the Passion bearer
Alexander of Guria  Alexandra, Queen Alexandra, Tsarina Alexei Medvedkov, Hieromartyr
Alexei the Carpathian Alexis, The Man of God  Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia Alexis, Toth, defender of Orthodoxy in America
Alexis Romanov, Prince of Russia  Alexis, (Benemanskii) New Hieromartyr of Tver  Alphaeus, Apostle  Alphege of Canterbury
Alypius, Ascetic, Stylite of Adrianopolis  Alypius, Ascetic, The Iconographer, Russian Amandus, of Maastricht Amatus, Bishop of Sion in Valais in Switzerland
Ambrose, Bishop of Milan Ambrose, the Confessor  Ambrose, of Optina  Ambrosius of Cyprus
Ammon or Ammoun, Deacon, Martyr  Ammon, of the Heliophoton Greatmartyrs of Cyprus Amos, Prophet Amphianus, Martyr
Amplias, Apostle Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium Amphilochius of Moldavia, Romania. Amphilochius, Abbot of Glushetsa
Ananias, Apostle Ananias, of the Three Children  Anastasia, The Poison-curer Anastasia, Martyr
Anastasia, Ascetic Martyr, The Roman Anastasia, Ascetic, of the Monastery Patrikia Anastasia, of Serbia Anastasia Romanov, Princess of Russia 
Anastasius, Hieromartyr, The Persian  Anastasius, Ascetic, of Sinai  Anastasios of Navpliou Anastasius, Ascetic, Wonderworker of Cyprus 
Anastasius, New Martyr of Paramythia 1750 Anatole II, Ascetic of Optina Anatolius, Patriarch of Constantinople Anatolius, The General
 Andrew, Apostle, The First-called Andrew, Archbishop of Crete Andrew, the Prince of Yaroslav Andrew, Martyr [of the Judgement] 
Andrew, The Fool for Christ Andrew, The General Andrew Rublev, The Iconographer Andronicus, Apostle
Andronicus, Martyr of Tarsus  Andronicus, Martyr Andronicus, Ascetic  Andronicus, Ascetic, Abbot of Moscow 
Andronicus, New Martyr, Archbishop of Perm Anempodistus, Martyr  Angelina Brancovich, Princess of Serbia Angelina of Serbia
Angelis, New Martyr 1680  Angelis,, New Martyr of Melampos 1824 Angelis New Martyr Physician 1813 Angias, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
Angus  of Keld [the Culdee]  Anicetus, Martyr Anna, Mother of Mary the Mother of God Anna, Prophetess, Daughter of Phanuel 
Anna, Martyr  Anna, Princess of Kashin  Anna, Princess of Novgorod  Ansgar [Anschar], Archbishop of Hamburg  
Anthia, Mother of St. Eleutherius Anthimus, Hieromartyr, Bishop of Nicomedia Anthimus, The Athenian, Bishop of Crete, Confessor  Anthimus, Bishop of Chios
Anthimus, Selfless Physician Anthimus, Martyr Anthimus, of Iviron, Bishop of Wallachia, Romania Anthimus, Bishop of Georgia 
Anthony, The Great Anthony, Martyr of Nicopolis in Armenia  Anthony, Martyr of Vilna Lithuania Anthony, Martyr, of the Seven Maccabees
Anthony, Ascetic of the Berroia Skete  Anthony, Ascetic of Dymsk, Novgorod  Anthony, of the Kiev Far Caves, Founder of Monasticism in Russia  Anthony, Wonderworker, Abbot of Novgorod 
Anthony, Ascetic, Abbot of Siya, Novgorod  Anthony Martmkofeli of Zaden, Founder of Monasticism in Georgia Anthony of Iezerul, Vilcea skete Anthusa, Martyr
Anthusa, Ascetic, Princess Anthusa, Mother of St. John Chrysostom Antigone, Martyr  Antiochus, Martyr, Physician of Sebaste
Antipas, (Athonitis) Ascetic of Valaam Monastery [+1882] Antipas, Hieromartyr, Bishop of Pergamus Antipatros or Antipater, Martyr  Antipatros, or Antipater, Bishop of Bostra
Antonina, Martyr of Nicea Antonina, Martyr of Constantinople  Antoninus, of the Seven Youths of Ephesus Anysia, Ascetic Martyr of Thessalonica 
Apelles, Apostle of the Seventy Aphrodite, Martyr  Aphthonius, Martyr  Apollinaria, Ascetic
Apollinarius, Bishop of Ravenna  Apollonius, Martyr Apollonius, Martyr of Nicopolis in Armenia  Apollos, Apostle 
Apostolos, Newmartyr of Ano Moulion, Crete Aquilla, Apostle Aquilla, Ascetic,  Deacon of the Kiev Caves Aquillina, Martyr 
Arcadius, Martyr of Constantinople Arcadius, Ascetic of Novy Torg  Archil II, Martyr, King of Georgia Archippus, Apostle
Archippus, Apostle Arethas, Greatmartyr Argyra
New Martyr, 1725
Argyrios or Argyres (Argyrus), New Martyr 1806
Aribia, Martyr Aristarchus, Apostle [of the 70]  Aristides, Martyr Aristion, Patriarch of Alexandria
Aristobulus, Apostle of the Seventy, Bishop of Britain Aristocles, Hieromartyr of Cyprus  Ariston, Bishop of Arsinoe, Cyprus Arnulf, Bishop of Metz
Arrian [Arrianus], Martyr Arsenius, Archbishop of Serbia Arsenios, Newmartyr, Metropolitan of Beroia Arsenius, Bishop of Tver


Arsenius, Bishop of Ninotsminda Arsenius, The Great, Ascetic  Arsenius, of Latros Ascetic Arsenius, Ascetic of Paro, 1877
Arsenius, Wonderworker, Abbot of Konevits, Russian  Arsenius, the Lover of Labour, of the Kiev Far Caves Arsenius of Ikaltoi, Georgia. Arsenius, Ascetic of Ulompa, Georgia 
Arsenius, the Great, Catholicos of Georgia Arsenius, Ascetic, The Cappadocian, 1924 Artemas, Apostle of the Seventy Artemas, Martyr 
Artemius, Greatmartyr Artemius, Righteous Child of Verkhol  Artemon, Hieromartyr, Bishop of Seleucia  Asclepius, Ascetic
Ashot Curapalati, of Aartanuji Aspasia, Martyr Asterius, Martyr Asterius, Hieromartyr, Wonderworker
Asyncritus, Apostle of the Seventy  Athanasia, Martyr of Canopus, Egypt Athanasia, Martyr Athanasia, Ascetic
Athanasia, Ascetic, Wonderworker of Aegina Athanasius, The Great, Patriarch of Alexandria  Athanasius of Lubensk, Patriarch of Constantinople  Athanasius, Bishop of Christianoupolis 1735


Athanasius, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste Athanasius, Koulakiotis, Newmartyr of Thessalonica, 1774 Athanasius Parios Athanasius, Pentaschinitis, Cyprus
Athanasius, Ascetic, Founder of Meteora Monastery Athanasius, Ascetic, The Athonite Athanasius, of Serpukhov Athanasius, Abbot of Syandemsk, Vologda 
Athanasius, Abbot of Brest Athena, Martyr Athenogenes, Hieromartyr  Audrey [Etheldred, Etheldreda]Daughter of King Anna of East Anglia
Augustine, Confessor, Bishop of Hippo Augustine of Cantebury  Aurelia Ascetic, Princess  Autonomus, Patriarch of Constantinople
Autonomus, Hieromartyr, Bishop in Italy Auxentius, Martyr Auxentius, New Martyr of Constantinople, 1720 Auxentius, Ascetic
Auxentius, Ascetic, Cyprus Auxibius, Bishop of Solon, Cyprus Auxibius, Bishop of Solon, Cyprus Aventinus of Troyes 
Avim or Abim of the Seven Maccabees Avitus I of Clermont   Azarius, of the Three Children