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 Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem Macarius, Archbishop of Corinth, Notaras, 1805 Macarius, Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia

Macarius [Metrophanes]
Bishop of Voronezh

Macarius, the Great

Macarius of Alexandria [+394]

 Macarius of Rome Macarios, Ascetic, Abbot of Pantocrator monastery, 1431
 Macarius, Archimandrite of Obruch, Kanev Macarius, Abbot of Kalyazin Macarius, Abbot of [Yellow Waters] Zheltovod and Unsha


Deacon of the Kiev Caves

 Macarius of Zhabyn, the Wonderworker Macarius the Faster, Abbot of Khakhuli Monastery Macrina, Sister of St. Basil the Great  Maelrubius (Maolrubha), Ascetic, St. Comgall's monastery at Bangor
Magnus Majolus (Maieul), Abbot of Cluny

Malachi The Prophet

Malo (Machutis, Maclou), Bishop of Aleth (now St. Malo)

Mamai Katholikos of Georgia  Mamas

Mamertus, Archbishop of Vienne in France

Manuel, Newmartyr of Chres, 1792

Manuel (Emmanuel), New-martyr, of Samothrace, 1821  

Marana [Marianna]

 Marcella,  Ascetic Virgin Martyr, 1500  Marcellus of Sicily
Marcellus, of the Seven Maccabees Marcellus, Abbot of Monastery of Akoimiton Marcianus (Marcian)
 King +457
Marcianus (Marcian)
Marciana. Mardarius Margaret of the Forty Virgin Martyr Mary, the Sister of Lazarus 
Mary Magdalene   Maria, Ascetic Maria, Ascetic, Wife of St. Xenophon [+6th c] Mary of Egypt
Maria, Methymopoula Newmartyr Maria, mother of Sergius of Radonezh

Maria, Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia


Sister of Apostle Phillip

Marianna, Martyr

Mariantha, of the Forty Virgin Martyr

Marina, Greatmartyr

Marinus, martyr
Mark, Apostle and Evangelist Mark of the Seventy Apostles

Mark, Bishop of Ephesus, Euegenikos [+1444]

Mark of Arethusia
Mark of the 13 Martyrs of Kantara, Cyprus Mark, Martyr Mark the Ascetic

Mark, Ascetic, of Athens

Mark, Newmartyr of Chres, 1643 Mark, Newmartyr of Chios Maron the Hermit of Syria

Martha, Sister of Lazarus  

Martha of Egypt Martha of Persia

Martha, Ascetic, Mother of Symeon of the Wonderful Mountain 

Martial, Apostle of Limoges
Martin, Pope of Rome Martin, Bishop of Tours Martinian, Martyr, of the Seven Children of Ephesus Martinian, Abbot of Byeloezersk
Martinian Maruthas, Bishop of Martyropolis

Martyrius, Martyr

Martyrius, Abbot of Zelenets, Pskov
Maternus, Bishop of Cologne in Germany Mathilda Matrona, Abbess of Constantinople Matrona of Thessalonica
Matrona of Chios Matrona, The Sightless (Aommati), Russia 1952  Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew, Son of Constantine Brancoveanu
Matthias, Apostle

Maura, Martyr   

Maurice Mauricius
Maurus, Disciple of St Benedict Mawes, Ascetic near Falmouth in Cornwall Maxim, Sandovich, Hieromartyr

Maximilian, of the Seven Children of Ephesus

Maximus the Confessor

Maximus, The Greek


Maximus of the 13 Martyrs of Cantara, Cyprus

Maximos the Causokalyvites
Maximus of Moscow, the Fool for Christ Maximus of Turin Melangell (Monacella), of Wales Melanie
Melchior, of the Three Magi

 Melchisadec The Righteous, King of Salem

Melchizedek I, Patriarch of Georgia

Meletius, Archbishop of Antioch +381
Meletius, Patriarch of Alexandria, Pegas

Meletius, Ascetic, Gallesiotou, Confessor, [+1283]

Meletius, The New, Ascetic of Kithaironi

Meliton, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
Melpomena of the Forty Virgin Martyrs

Memnon, Ascetic, Wonderworker   

Menas, Greatmartyr

Menas, Kallikelados
Menodora Mecurius Mercurius, Martyr, The Russian Meropa
Methodia of Kimolo Methodius of Constantinople Methodius of Pataron

Methodius, Equal to the Apostle, Enlightener of the Slavs  

Metrodora, Martyr

Metrophanes, Patriarch of Constantinople

Metrophanes, Ascetic, of Athos Metrophanes, of the Boxer Rising Martyrs
Mewan of Brittany, Ascetic Monk

Micah II, The Prophet

Michael The Archangel

Michael, Bishop of Synnada
Michael, Metropolitan of Moscow Michael the first Metropolitan of Kiev Michael, Prince of Tver Michael, Prince of Chernigov, Russia

Michael, the Fool for Christ, of the Klops monastery

Michael the Newmartyr

Michael, New-martyr, of Samothrace, 1821

Michael, Newmartyr, Pacnanas, The Gardener 1771
Michael the Gardener

Michael, of Ulompo,  Georgia

Michael, of the David Gareji Monastery, Georgia

Mikallos of Cyprus Mildred, Abbess of Minster

Milica [Militsa], Princess of Serbia   

Mirian, Equal to the Apostles, Georgia

Misael, Martyr, of the Three Holy Children

Mnason, Bishop of Tamasou, Cyprus Mnymonius of Amathus

Mocius, Presbyter of Amphipolis in Macedonia

Modestus, Archbishop of Jerusalem

 Moloc (Molluog, Murlach, Lugaidh) Bishop in Scotland

Monica, Mother of St. Augustine
Mosco [Moscho] of the Forty Virgin Martyrs

Moses The Prophet

Moses, Archbishop of Novgorod

Moses the Ethiopian
Moses, Ascetic, The Ugrian, of the Kiev Caves Musa of Rome Myron of Crete Myron, Newmartyr of Chres, 1793