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Gabriel, The Archangel  

Gabriel, Founder of Lesnov Monastery in Bulgaria Vsevolod, in baptism Gabriel, Wonderworker of Pskov

Igor George, Tonsured Gabriel,

Gr. Prince of Chernigov+Kiev

Gabriel of Svyatogorsk, Georgia 

  Gabriel of Atonelni Gabriel of Bialystok Gaiana  
 Gaius of Ancyra Gaius, Apostle Gaius Galacteon of Vologda
Galaction  Galactorius, Bishop of lescar Galina of Corinth Galina at Corinth
Gall of Switzerland  Gaudericus of Languedoc  Gaugericus (Gau, Géry) Bishop of Cambrai + Arras Gelasius  
 Gelasius, Martyr of Crete Genevieve of Paris Gennadius of Vadopedi  Gennadios, Abbot of Vadopedi Monastery
 Gennadios, Asceticmartyr, 1818 Gennadius, of the 13 Martyrs of Kantara Gennadius Archbishop of Novgorod Gennadius of Kostroma
Geoffrey, Abbot of Wearmouth and Jarrow George, the Greatmartyr and Victory-bearer George the Confessor, Bishop of Mitylene George the Chozebite
George of Mount Maleon in Peloponnesus George, Alamanus, Cyprus George, Newmartyr of Rapsanis, 1818 George, Newmartyr of Sofia, Bulgaria
George, Hieromartyr of Neapolis  George, Macheromenos Wonderworker of Cyprus George Karatsazou, Newmartyr of Philadelphia, 1794  George, Newmartyr of Chios
 George, Newmartyr of Sofia George of Ioannina George, Newmartyr of Cyprus, 1752

George, Newmartyr of_Samothrace, 1821

George, Newmartyr of_Samothrace, 1821

George, Newmartyr of 1824 George, Newmartyr of Iberia 1770, George, Karslidis of Argyroupolis
George of Limniotes George Matskevereli of Georgia George the Scribe  George, Mstislav, Prince of Novgorod
George, Great Prince of Vladimir Gerald of Mayo Gerald of Aurillac, Patron saint of Upper Auvergne Gerard, Founder & Abbot of Brogne
Gerasimos, Palladas, Patriarch of Alexandria Gerasimus of Cephalonia Gerasimus of Jordon Gerasimus, of the 13 Martyrs of Kantara
Gerasimus, Ascetic-martyr, of Carpenesi 1812

Gerasimus of Vologda

Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople  Germanus, of the 13 Martyrs of Kantara
Germanos, Maroules, 1252 – 1336 Germanus, Bishop of Paris, Father of the Poor Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre

Geronti, of the David Gareji Monastery, Georgia

Gerontius, martyr Gerontius, father of St. George the Victory-bearer Gerontius, the Canonarch of the Kiev Far Caves Gertrude of Nivelles, Daughter of Pepin of Landen and St Ida
Gervasius Gideon, the Righteous Gideon of Karakalou, Athos Giles, Abbot of a Monastery on the Rhône
Glaphyra Gleb, Martyr, Russian Glyceria Glyceria of Adrianopolis
Glygerius Glykerios of Romania the New Confessor Gobdelaas Gordius
Gorgonia, Sister of St. Gregory the Theologian +370 Gorgonius Gorgonius Gratus, Bishop of Oloron
Gregentius, Bishop of Ethiopia Gregory the Theologian Gregory V, of Constantinople, the Ethnomartyr Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome
Gregory of Neocaesarea, Wonderworker Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica Gregory of Armenia Gregory of Acraganta
Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus Gregory of Nyssa Gregory of Decapolis Gregory, Ascetic of Mount Athos, The Hesychast
Gregory, the teacher of Vatopedi Gregory of Akrita Gregory the Sinaite Gregory, the Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves
Gregory Raevskii of Tver Gregory (Peradze), Hieromartyr of Georgia Gregory, Bishop of Tours Gudula (Goule), Daughter of St Amelberga
Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan Gurius, Martyr, of the Seven Maccabees   Gurius Guthlac, Ascetic
Gwen (Blanche), Mother of Sts. Winwalöe, Jacut & Guithern Gwynerth Gwynllyw [woolo]