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Pabo, King of the Pennines, Founder of Monastery of Llanbabon, Wales Pachomius the Great Pachomius of Chio

 Paisius the Great

 Paisius Velichkovsky

 Paisius of the Kiev Far Caves

Paisius, Ascetic of Hilandari, Bulgaria  

Paisius the Abbot of Serbia, Newmartyr
 Paisius of Ouglich  Pambo, Acsetic Pamphilus, Martyr +284-304  Panages [Panayes] Pasias, Presbyter, Cephallenia 1888
 Panayiotes, Newmartyr of Caesarea Panagiotis, Newmartyr of Jerusalem, 1820  Panaretus, Bishop of Paphos, Cyprus  Pancratius, Bishop of Tauromenia, Sicily
 Pandora, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs

Panegyrius, Ascetic of Cyprus 

Pansemna, Ascetic Panteleimon, Greatmartyr
 Paphnutius, Hieromartyr, of Jerusalem  Paphnutius, Ascetic, Abbot of Borovsk, Russia    Papylus, martyr 

Paramonus, Martyr


Ascetic, Virgin Martyr  

 Parasceva, Ascetic Martyr, The New

Parasceva [Petka], of Serbia

Paraskeva [Pyatnitsa], of Iconium

Pardus the Solitary Paregorius Parmenas, Apostle

Parthena, Newmartyr of Edessa [+1373]

Parthenius of Lampsacus Parthenius, Bishop of Razobyzin, Artes, 1777 Parthenius, Igumen of Kiziltachsk Parthenios, Founder of Koudouma monastery
Parthenius, of Chios

Patapius of Thebes

Paternus [Padarn], Wales Patricia
Patrick, Bishop of Brussa Patrick, Bishop of Armagh, Enlightener of Ireland Patrobas Apostle Paul, Apostle
Paul of Constantinople Paul, Patriarch of Constantinople, the New


Ascetic Martyr

Paul, Ascetic Martyr, of Tripoli, 1818
 Paul the Theban Paul the simple

Paul, Ascetic, of Xeropotamou, Mount Athos

Paul, Abbot of Obnora, Vologda
Paul the Obedient, of the Kiev Caves Paul, New Ascetic Martyr of Joannina, 1821 Paul Aurelian, Bishop of Ouismor Paula of Byzantium
Paulinus, Bishop of Nola



Pegasius Pelagia
Pelagia of Tarsus Pelagia of Tino

Pelopidas, Martyr

Penelope, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs

Pericles, Martyr

Perpetua of Carthage

Peter, Apostle  

Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria
Peter, Bishop of Argos Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow Peter Polyansky, Metropolitan of Moscow and Krutitsy


Metropolitan of Serbia

Peter, First Catholicos of Georgia Peter of Cetinje Peter, martyr

Peter, Ascetic, of Athos  

Peter the Aleut of Alaska Peter, King of Bulgaria Peter of Korisha, Serbia Peter, [tonsured David] the wonderworker of Murom
 Peter [Yaropolk], Prince of Vladimir, Volhynia

Peter Urseolus


Petroc (Petrock, Pedrog Perreux), Ascetic in Cornwall Phaebadius (Fiari), Bishop of Agen in the South of France
Phanourius, Greatmartyr 1369  Philadelphus Philagrius, Bishop of Curium, Cyprus Philaret Ddrozdov, Metropolitan of Moscow
Philaret the merciful Philimon, Apostle Philemon, martyr Phillip, Apostle
Phillip of the Seven Deacons, Apostle Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow

Phillip, of Gortyna

Philip, Abbot of Irap near


Philoctemon, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Philologus, Apostle

Philon, Bishop of Karpasia, Wonderworker of Cyprus

Philonides, Bishop of Curium, Cyprus

Philosophus, Newmartyr of St. Petersburg Philothea of Athens Philothea, of Artzes, Rumania

Philotheos (Kokkinos)

Patriarch of Constantinople

Philotheus, Ascetic, The Presbyter Philotheos the Athonite Philotheos, The Kareotis, 15c

Philotheus, Ascetic, Founder of Philotheos Monastery, Athos,


Philoumenus, New Hieromartyr by Jacob's well, 1979

Phlegon, Apostle

Phocian, Martyr

Phocus,  Hieromartyr, Wonderworker

Phocus, martyr Phoebe the Deaconess Photini the Samaritan Woman
Photina (Photou) of Cyprus

Photinus, Martyr, Son of St. Photina

Photis,  Martyr, Sister of St. Photina

Photius the Great
Photius, Metropolitan of Kiev Photius of Nicomedia

Photo, Martyr sister of St. Photina

Piaton (Piato, Piat), Martyr


Ascetic, The Great

Pimen, of Zographou Monastery, Athos, 1610 Pior Piran (Pyran), Ascetic near Padstow in Cornwall
Pistis [Faith], Martyr

Pitirim, Bishop of Tambov

Platon, Martyr Bishop of Tartu Platon, martyr
Platon Newmartyr of Banjaluka Platonis Polycarp of Smyrna Polychronia, Mother of St. George the Victory-bearer



Polydorus, Neomartyr of Nicosia, Cyprus 1794

Polyeuctus, Martyr [+256]

Polymnia, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs
Polynice, of the Forty Virgin Martyrs Polyxena Pompius, Martyr of Crete

Porphyrius, Bishop of Gaza +420

Porphyrius, Martyr

Porphyrios, Kavsokalyvites Pothin Priscilla, Apostle, Wife of Aquilla

Priscilla, of Rome   

Priscus, of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Provos, martyr

Prochorus, Apostle, of the Seven Deacons

Prochorus of Pcinja  Prochorus of the Kiev Near Caves Procla, Wife of Pilate Proclus of Constantinople
 Proclus Procopius, Greatmartyr

Procopius, The Fool for Christ, Wonderworker of Ustiug

Procopius of Decapolis

Procopius, Founder of Machera Monastery, Cyprus

Protasius, Martyr

Poudes, Apostle

Pulcheria, Queen

Pyrrhus of Breta, Georgia