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Table of Apostles

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1. The Beginning of the Ecclesiastical Year;
Our holy father Symeon the Stylite. 
2. The holy Martyr Mamas;
 St. John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople.

3. The Hieromartyr Anthimus, Bishop of Nicomedia.
4. The holy Hieromartyr Babylas Bishop of Antioch.
5. The Holy Prophet Zacharias, father of St. John the Baptist.
6. The miracle of the Archangel Michael at Chonae.
7. The holy Martyr Sozon the Shepherd.
8. The Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary.
9. The Righteous Progenitors Joachim and Anna.
13. The Consecration of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ.
On the Saturday before the Exaltation of the Cross
On the Sunday before the Exaltation of the Cross
14. The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross
15. The holy Martyr Nicetas the Goth

On the Saturday after the Exaltation of the Cross
 On the Sunday after the Exaltation of the Cross

16. The holy Greatmartyr Euphemia
20. The holy Greatmartyr Eustathius.

23. The Conception of the Forerunner John the Baptist
24. The Miracle at Kythera of  the Icon of the Mother of God of 

         'The Myrtle Tree';   The holy Protomartyr Thecla.

26. The Translation of the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the


27. The Holy Marty Callistratus.                
28. Our holy father Chariton the Confessor

29. Our Holy father Kyriacos the recluse. 
30. The Hieromartyr Gregory, Bishop of Armenia