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2nd MAY

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St. Athanasius

The Great, Patriarch of Alexandria 












St. Athanasius III (Patelarios)

of Lubensk, Patriarch of Constantinople






St. Bertin

the Younger, A monk at Sithin in France











St. Boris [and Gleb]

Martyr, Russian 











St. Boris [Michael]

Equal of the Apostles, Prince of Bulgaria





St. Cyriacus  (Kyriacos, Cyriac)






St. Eugene

Martyr, Bishop in North Africa 




St. Felix

of Seville, Martyr, Deacon  






St. Germanus











St. Gleb [and Boris]

Martyr, Russian






St. Hesperus






St. Jordan

Ascetic, Wonderworker











St. Matrona

The Blind (Aommati) of Moscow











St. Neachtain

A relative of St Patrick of Ireland






St. Paul






St. Sabbas [Savas]

Bishop of Daphnusia






St. Theodulus







St. Ultan

Abbot of Fosses and Peronne, Brother of St Fursey






St. Valentine

Bishop of Genoa in Italy






St. Vindemialis

Martyr, Bishop in North Africa





St. Waldebert (Walbert, Gaubert)

Abbot of Luxeuil in France





St. Wiborada (Guiborat, Weibrath)

Ascetic Martyr








St. Zoe



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