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1st MAY

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St. Acacius

New Ascetic Martyr, of Neochori, 1815



St. Aceolas [Acheoul]

Martyred near Amiens in France





St. Acius [Ache]

Deacon martyred near Amiens in France




St. Amator [Amatre, Amadour]

Bishop of Auxerre in France




St. Andeolus

A Subdeacon from Smyrna




St. Arigius

Bishop of Gap in France










St. Asaph

Bishop of Clwyd, Wales





St. Batas

Hieromartyr, Persian






St. Benedict

of Szkalka




St. Bertha

Martyr, Foundress of Avenay in France









St. Brieuc (Briocus, Brioc)

Founder of monastery in Tréguier












St. Ceallach (Kellach)

Bishop of Killala in Ireland






St. Cominus













St. Euthymius 

New Martyr of Iviroscete 1814





St. Evermarus










St. George

Ascetic of Gomati
Saturday between 1-7 May




St. Grata

A holy woman from Bergamo in Italy











St. Ignatius

New Ascetic Martyr of Iviroscete 1814











St. Isidora

Fool for Christ












St. Jeremiah













St. Macarius

Hieromartyr, Metropolitan of Kiev, 1497



St. Marculf

Founder of monastery in Nanteuil in France









St. Maria, (Methymopoula)




St. Maurus





St. Michael

Ascetic, Wonderworker





St. Nicephorus

Ascetic, of Chios





St. Orentius

Father of St Laurence the Martyr










St. Orentius (or Orientius)

Bishop of Auch 






St. Pamphalon











St. Panaretus

Bishop of Paphos, Cyprus, 1790  










St. Paphnutius

Ascetic, Abbot of Borovsk, Russia   






St. Philosophus






St. Sabbas [Savas]






St. Sigismund

Martyr, King of the Burgundians










St. Tamara

Queen of Georgia  






St. Theodard

Archbishop of Narbonne


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