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 Icons of the Iconostasis from the Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Sylikou

All the Icons are painted in egg tempera by Rev. Christopher Klitou



  ◄Mother of God Glykophilousa



Christ Pantocrator►   










  ◄Ss. Zacharias and Elizabeth

      Parents of St. John the Baptist


St. John the Baptist►   










  The Archangel Michael

         North Door  (105X40)


The Archangel Gabriel

South Door (105x40)        














  ◄The foretelling of the Birth of

          St. John the Baptist (40x30)

The Conception of ►   

St. John the Baptist (40x30)








  ◄The Meeting of the Mother

         of God and Elizabeth (40x30)  


 The Birth of St. John the Baptist










  ◄The Slaying of the Prophet Zacharias 


Massacre of the Innocents










  ◄The Baptism of Christ  



The Resurrection of Christ►  







The Burial and the 1st and 2nd Findings

  of the precious Head of St. John the Baptist


The 3rd Finding of the Precious Head

of St. John the Baptist  (40x30)








The Beheading of

St. John the Baptist (60x40)

On Icon stand in centre of Church

   The Mystical









The Annunciation

           Royal Doors





Christ Enthroned

                                                 Bishop's Throne








   Royal Doors


   ◄◄Sts. Gregory the Dialogist Pope of  

             Rome and Basil the Great


   Sts. John Chrysostom and Epiphanius of