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Table of Gospels
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Monday of the Holy Spirit

Tuesday of the First Week

Wednesday of the First Week

Thursday of the First Week

Friday of the First Week

Saturday of the First Week

First Sunday/ of All Saints

Monday of the Second Week

Tuesday of the Second Week

Wednesday of the Second Week

Thursday of the Second Week

Friday of the Second Week

Saturday of the Second Week

Second Sunday

Monday of the Third Week

Tuesday of the Third Week

Wednesday of the Third Week

Thursday of the Third Week

Friday of the Third Week

Saturday of the Third Week

Third Sunday

Monday of the Fourth Week

Tuesday of the Fourth Week

Wednesday of the Fourth Week

Thursday of the Fourth Week

Friday of the Fourth Week

Saturday of the Fourth Week

Fourth Sunday

Monday of the Fifth Week

Tuesday of the Fifth Week

Wednesday of the Fifth Week

Thursday of the Fifth Week

Friday of the Fifth Week

Saturday of the Fifth Week

Fifth Sunday

Monday of the Sixth Week

Tuesday of the Sixth Week

Wednesday of the Sixth Week

Thursday of the Sixth Week

Friday of the Sixth Week

Saturday of the Sixth Week

Sixth Sunday

Monday of the Seventh Week

Tuesday of the Seventh Week

Wednesday of the Seventh Week

Thursday of the Seventh Week

Friday of the Seventh Week

Saturday of the Seventh Week

Seventh Sunday

Monday of the Eighth Week

Tuesday of the Eighth Week

Wednesday of the Eighth Week

Thursday of the Eighth Week

Friday of the Eighth Week

Saturday of the Eighth Week

Eighth Sunday

Monday of the Ninth Week

Tuesday of the Ninth Week

Wednesday of the Ninth Week

Thursday of the Ninth Week

Friday of the Ninth Week

Saturday of the Ninth Week

Ninth Sunday

Monday of the Tenth Week

Tuesday of the Tenth Week

Wednesday of the Tenth Week

Thursday of the Tenth Week

Friday of the Tenth Week

Saturday of the Tenth Week

Tenth Sunday

Monday of the Eleventh Week

Tuesday of the Eleventh Week

Wednesday of the Eleventh Week

Thursday of the Eleventh Week

Friday of the Eleventh Week

Saturday of the Eleventh Week

Eleventh Sunday

Monday of the Twelfth Week

Tuesday of the Twelfth Week

Wednesday of the Twelfth Week

Thursday of the Twelfth Week

Friday of the Twelfth Week

Saturday of the Twelfth Week

Twelfth Sunday

Monday of the Thirteenth Week

Tuesday of the Thirteenth Week

Wednesday of the Thirteenth Week

Thursday of the Thirteenth Week

Friday of the Thirteenth Week

Saturday of the Thirteenth Week

Thirteenth Sunday

Monday of the Fourteenth Week

Tuesday of the Fourteenth Week

Wednesday of the Fourteenth Week

Thursday of the Fourteenth Week

Friday of the Fourteenth Week

Saturday of the Fourteenth Week

Fourteenth Sunday

Monday of the Fifteenth Week

Tuesday of the Fifteenth Week

Wednesday of the Fifteenth Week

Thursday of the Fifteenth Week

Friday of the Fifteenth Week

Saturday of the Fifteenth Week

Fifteenth  Sunday

Monday of the Sixteenth Week

Tuesday of the Sixteenth Week

Wednesday of the Sixteenth Week

Thursday of the Sixteenth Week

Friday of the Sixteenth Week

Saturday of the Sixteenth Week

Sixteenth Sunday

Seventeenth Saturday

Seventeenth Sunday/of the Canaanite Woman