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Table of Apostles

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1. The holy Wonder-workers and Selfless Physicians

      Cosmas and Damian.

2. The Deposition of the Robe of the Most Holy

      Mother of God in the Blachernae Church of Constantinople.

4. Our holy father Andrew of Crete.

8. The holy Greatmartyr Procopius.
9. The holy Hieromartyr Pancratius, Bishop of Taormina.

11. The holy Greatmartyr Euphemia.

13. The Archangel Gabriel.

     Sunday of the Holy Fathers.

14. The holy Apostle Aquila.

15. The holy Martyrs Cerycus and Julitta.

17. The holy Greatmartyr Marina.

18. The holy Martyr Emilian.

20. The holy Prophet Elias.
21. Our holy fathers Symeon and John.

22. The holy Myrrhbearer and Equal to the Apostles

         Mary Magdalene; The holy Martyr Marcella.

24. The holy Greatmartyr Christina.

25. The Dormition of St. Anna, the mother of the

         Most holy Mother of God.

26. The holy Hieromartyr Hermolaus; The holy Martyr Paraskeva.

     For St. Hermolaus.

    For St. Paraskeva.

27. The holy Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon.

28. The holy Apostles Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas.

29. The holy Martyr Callinicus.

31. The holy and Righteous Eudocimus.