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Table of Apostles

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Sunday of Pascha [Easter] 

Monday of Bright Week    

Tuesday of Bright Week   

Wednesday Of Bright Week

Thursday Of Bright Week

Friday of Bright Week

Saturday of Bright Week

Thomas Sunday 

Monday of the Second Week

Tuesday of the Second Week

Wednesday of the Second Week

Thursday of the Second Week

Friday of the Second Week
Saturday of the Second Week

Third Sunday/ of the Myrrhbearers

Monday of the Third Week

Tuesday of the Third Week

Wednesday of the Third Week

Thursday of the Third Week

Friday of the Third Week

Saturday of the Third Week

Fourth Sunday/of the Paralytic 

Monday of the Fourth Week

Tuesday of the Fourth Week

Wednesday of Mid-Pentecost

Thursday of the Fourth Week

Friday of the Fourth Week

Saturday of the Fourth Week

Fifth Sunday/of the Samaritan Woman 

Monday of the Fifth Week

Tuesday of the Fifth Week

Wednesday of the Fifth Week

Thursday of the Fifth Week

Friday of the Fifth Week

Saturday of the Fifth Week

Sixth Sunday/ of the Blind Man 

Monday of the Sixth Week

Tuesday of the Sixth Week
Wednesday of the Sixth Week

Ascension Thursday

Friday of the Sixth Week

Saturday of the Sixth Week

Seventh Sunday/ of the Holy Fathers

Monday of the Seventh Week

Tuesday of the Seventh Week

Wednesday of the Seventh Week

Thursday of the Seventh Week

Friday of the Seventh Week

Saturday of the Seventh Week

Sunday of Pentecost