ST. JOHN




                O Holy Forerunner and Baptist of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, pray for us.

































In the enclosure of St. Andrew's Church, Mesa Geitonia, can be found the small, but beautiful chapel of the Glorious Prophet and Forerunner John the Baptist.  


This Church, which today appears small in size to serve the needs of the community, was once considered large and spacious.


Building of St. John's Church began during the black years of the Ottoman Occupation of Cyprus, around 1846, as the chronological inscription, found carved in stone above the western entrance to the Church bears witness, as do many other Churches of our land.  It is single-aisled with a vaulted roof, which originally was covered with earth and later roof tiles were added  to protect it.


With the Turkish invasion of 1974, the Church was also used as a junior school room to serve the needs of the children.  


In 1999-2000 St. John's Chapel underwent a complete facelift, after efforts by the Ecclesiastical Committee and was equipped with air-condition. Today it contributes one of the best Chapels of Limassol  The architectural  plans were made by the architect Roger Georgiou.  The exterior as well the interior of our Parish church is without a doubt an adornment of the area, but also a spiritual centre for young and old, since in the compass of the temple, so very many spiritual events take place, as the weekly singing of the Supplicatory canon, Baptisms, Weddings, Vespers, the Divine Liturgy and others. The visitor enters the stone-built Chapel by its two entrances, one found on the western side and the other on the south side.


Having entered into the Church, the atmosphere immediately fills one with a deep feeling of piety, since the light is very sparse, due to the absence of many windows one usually encounters with other large Churches.  The complete building has only two windows, one on the north side and the other on the south. Thus, the little outside light and the plain interior lighting from the small chandelier, creates a heart-moving atmosphere that assists the faithful in prayer, which climaxes when confronted with the 16th century holy Icons of Christ, the   Mother  of  God   and   the   austere figure  of  St. John  the Baptist on the well preserved wood carved Iconostasis gilded with gold-leaf. The Iconostasis has also undergone renovation work under the strict supervision of well organized specialists in the preservation of antiquities  and the special office of our Metropolis. In 2009 the Iconostasis was sent abroad and again renovated by Gabriel Parmaktsidis. (See Photos)


Many reverent Priests had the honour of serving in this Church. Priests who devoted their life to the work of giving and of worship towards God, like Rev. Stephanos, Rev. Konstantine, Rev. Michailis, Rev. Stratis and Rev. Athenodoros who have left behind dear memories. Other Priests also had the honour of continuing their work, who also served the New Church of St. Andrew's, like Rev. Christophoros Polydorou, who retired in June 2002.