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8th MAY

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St. Arsenius

 The Great, Ascetic 












St. Arsenius

the Lover of Labour, of the Kiev Far Caves  










St. Benedict II

Pope of Rome





St. Desideratus

Bishop of Bourges in France




St. Dionysius

Bishop of Vienne











St. Emmelia (Emilia)

Mother of St. Basil the Great 







St. Gibrian

Ascetic, Ireland





St. Helladius

Bishop of Auxerre in France






St. Ida (Ita, Iduberga)

of Nivelles 












St. John

Apostle, The Theologian  








St. Meles

Ascetic, The Hymnwriter











St. Odrian

Bishop of Waterford in Ireland  












Elder Philotheos





St. Victor

the Moor, Martyr




St. Wiro

Bishop of Utrecht in Holland 



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