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St. Abo

Martyr of Tbilisi









St. Agathon









St. Aidan [Maedoc]

The first Bishop of Ferns, Ireland









St. Anastasius

of Antinoe in Egypt  [+303-305]





St. Anthony

Priest, Martyr [+303-305]




St. Athelhelm [Athelm]

 Archbishop of Canterbury




St. Atticus

Patriarch of Constantinople [+425]






St. Basilissa [Vasilissa]

 Martyr [+303-305]






St. Carterius

Hieromartyr [+303-305]






St. Celsius

Martyr [+303-305]






St. Cyrus

Patriarch of Constantinople [+711]










St. Domnica [or Domnina]

Ascetic [+5th c]










St. Elias

Ascetic, Hermit of Egypt 





St. Elladius







St. Eugenian

Bishop of Autun in France





St. Frodobert

Founded of monastery of Moutier-la-Celle near Troyes



St. Garibaldus

 Bishop of Regensburg in Germany









St. George, The Chozebite 

Ascetic [+6th c]






St. Gregory

of Ochrid




St. Gregory

Bishop of Moisia [+1012]












St. Gregory

of the Kiev Near Caves, Wonderworker












St. Gudula (Goule)

Daughter of St Amelberga










St. Helladius







St. Isaiah

The Elder, Ascetic of Valaam Monastery [+1914]









St. Isidore

Hieromartyr, and 72 others

Yuriev, Estonia, 1472




St. Julian

Martyr [+303-305]



St. Lucian








St. Macarius [Macres]

Ascetic, Abbot of Pantocrator monastery in Constantinople [+1431]



St. Maximian





St. Maximus

Bishop of Pavia in Italy







St. Paisius

of Ouglich














St. Parthena

Newmartyr of Edessa [+1373]



St. Patiens

Bishop and patron-saint of Metz in France










St. Pega

Ascetic, England






The Prophet Sameas




St. Severinus




St. Theodore

Ascetic, Founder of Monastery of Chora [+595]



St. Theophilus

Martyr, Deacon








St. Wulsin

Bishop of Sherborne  


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