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5th JULY

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St. Agathon

Martyrs in Sicily



St. Agnes










St. Andrew

Newmartyr of Georgia, Abkhazia, 1993





St. Anna

Martyr at Rome










St. Athanasius

Ascetic, The Athonite 











St. Barbara

Newmartyr of Russia  











St. Cyprian

Hieromartyr, The New, of Eurytania, 1679



St. Cyrilla

Martyr of Cyrene in Libya









St. Edana (Etaoin)












St. Elisabeth

Newmartyr, Russian  












St. Erfyl (Eurfyl)

Founder of church of Llanerfyl in Powys in Wales 








St. Fragan

 Father of Sts Winwal÷e, Jacut and Guithern











St. Gwen (Blanche)

Mother of Sts Winwal÷e, Jacut and Guithern



St. Lampadus

Ascetic of Athos









St. Modwenna

Abbess of Whitby in England











St. Modwenna

Abbess of Polesworth in Warwickshire in England







St. Numerian (Memorian)

 Bishop of Trier in Germany









St. Philomena










St. Probus

of Cornwall




St. Sergius

Ascetic, Russian



St. Stephen

Metropolitan of Reggio of Calabria



St. Z÷e (Zoa)




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