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St. Agatha

Martyr of Palermo, Sicily +251





St. Agatha

Wife of the Count of Carinthia in Austria





St. Agricola

 Eleventh Bishop of Tongres in Belgium




St. Albinus

Bishop of Brixen




St. Anthony

New Martyr of Athens, 1774




St. Avitus

of Vienne



St. Bertulf

Priest, Belgium





St. Evagrius

Martyr in Cilicia




St. Genuinus


A Bishop of Sabion near Brixen











St. Indract

Martyr. Glastonbury in England








St. Modestus

Bishop of Carinthia in Austria





St. Polyeuctus

Patriarch of Constantinople +970









St. Theodosius

Archbishop of Chernigov +1696





St. Theodosius

Ascetic, of Scopelo




St. Theodula

Martyr of Anazarbus in Cilicia




St. Vodoaldus

(Voel, Vodalus, Vodalis)



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