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4th JUNE

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 St. Aldegrin

[Adalgrin, Aldegrin]

Monk near Cluny, France



St. Alexander

Bishop of Verona in Italy




St. Alonius












St. Andronicus

New Martyr, Archbishop of Perm



St. Aretius

 [Arecius, Aregius]




St. Astius

Hieromartyr, Bishop of Dyrrachium in Macedonia




St. Atallus

Martyr of Niculitsel





St. Basil

New Hieromartyr, Bishop of Chernigov, 1918











St. Breaca

A disciple of St Brigid





St. Buriana






St. Camisius

Martyr of Niculitsel




St. Clateus

Bishop of Brescia in Italy




St. Concordius

Martyr of Spoleto



St. Conon

Martyr, of Rome









St. Croidan

Disciples of St Petroc in Cornwall













St. Degan

Disciple of St Petroc in Cornwall













St. Edfrith

Bishop of Lindisfarne in England






St. Elsiar




St. Eutychius

Martyr of Niculitsel 



St. Frontasius










St. Joannicius

Hieromartyr of Serbia   










St. John

Ascetic Martyr, Abbot of Monagriou, Cyprus  













St. Maria

Sister of Lazarus  













St. Martha

Sister of Lazarus  






St. Medan

Disciple of St Petroc in Cornwall





St. Methodius

Ascetic of Russia, 1392










St. Metrophanes

Patriarch of Constantinople  





St. Nennoc

 (Nennocha, Ninnoc)





St. Optatus

Bishop of Milevis in Numidia in North Africa









St. Petroc

(Petrock, Pedrog, Perreux)

Ascetic, Cornwall





St. Philip

Martyr at Niculitsel, Romania



St. Quirinus

Bishop of Siscia (Sisak or Seseg), in Croatia



St. Quirinus




St. Rutilus




St. Saturnina

Virgin Martyr



St. Severian




St. Silanus










St. Sophia











St. Zosimas

Bishop of New Babylon  



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