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30th MARCH

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St. Apollonius

Ascetic of Egypt 



St. Clinius

Abbot of St Peter's near Pontecorvo










St. Eubula

Mother of St. Panteleimon













St. Fergus

Bishop of Downpatrick in Ireland












The Prophet  Joad [Joel]





St. John

Patriarch of Jerusalem










St. John of the Well

Ascetic [the Hermit]












St. John

Ascetic, Author of the Ladder









St. Mamertinus

Abbot of Sts Cosmas and Damian in Auxerre in France











St. Osburgh (Osburga)

Abbess of convent in Coventry








St. Pastor

Bishop of Orleans in France





St. Patto (Pacificus)

Bishop of Werden in Germany




St. Quirinus





St. Regulus (Rieul)

Bishop of Senlis in France










St. Sophronius

Bishop of Irkutsk   











St. Tola

Bishop of Disert Tola in Meath in Ireland








St. Zacharias

Metropolitan of Corinth  1684




St. Zosimus

Bishop of Syracuse in Sicily



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