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29th JULY

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St. Beatrice (Beatrix)










St. Benjamin






St. Berius










St. Bessarion

Martyr, Bishop of Smolyan





St. Bogolep

Child Schemamonk









St. Callinicus

 Martyr, of Ancyra




St. Constantine

Patriarch of Constantinople




St. Constantine

Ascetic, Abbot of Kosinsk, Pskov





St. Cosmas

Ascetic, Abbot of Kosinsk, Pskov




St. Eustace

Martyr of Bizye










St. Eustathius

Martyr of Mtskheta, Georgia










St. Faustinus

A disciple of St Felix











St. John

Martyr, The Soldier




St. Kilian

Author of a Life of St Brigid



St. Lupus

 Bishop of Troyes



St. Mamas











St. Olav (Olaf, Tola)

King of Norway





St. Prosper

Bishop of Orleans in France








St. Serapia


Martyr of Antioch










St. Shushanik

Queen of Georgia  










St. Silin (Sulian)

Ascetic in Luxulyan in Cornwall




St. Simplicius




St. Theodosius

The Lesser, King










St. Theodota




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