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St. Aethiops

Eunuch of Queen Candice





St. Agilo

Monk of St Aper in Toul in France




St. Anthusa

Martyr, The New



 St. Arontius


Martyr in Potenza in the Basilicata




St. Caesarius

Bishop of Arles


 St. Carpophorus











St. Decuman (Dagan)

Ascetic Martyr, Somerset in England




St. Ebbo

Bishop of Sens



St. Etherius


Bishop of Lyons in France





St. Euthalia






St. Gebhard

Bishop of Constance in Germany









St. Hosius

of Cordova




St. John

Bishop of Pavia in Lombardy




St. Kuksha




St. Liberius

Pope of Rome


St. Licerius


Bishop of Couserans








St. Malrubius

Ascetic Martyr, Kincardineshire in Scotland










St. Monica

 Mother of St. Augustine




St. Narnus

Bishop of Bergamo in Italy









St. Phanurius

Greatmartyr 1369










St. Pimen

Ascetic, The Great




St. Pimen

Ascetic, of Palestine












St. Pimen

Ascetic, The Faster, of the Kiev Caves




St. Rufus

 Bishop of Capua



St. Rufus

 Martyr, Deacon



St. Sabinian

Martyr In Potenza in the Basilicata 


St. Syagrius


Bishop of Autun in France



St. Theocletus



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