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Translation of the Relics of

St. Theodore the Studite





St. Alphonsus

of Astorga, Spain




 St. Ammonas

Ascetic, Disciple of St. Anthony the Great [+4th c]




St. Ananias

 Hieromartyr [+303]





St. Ansurius

[Aduri, Asurius, Isauri]

Bishop of Orense in Galicia










St. Arcadius

 Martyr of Constantinople

Son of St. Xenophon [+6th c]







St. Arcadius

New Hieromartyr





St. Athanasius

 Bishop in Sorrento in the south of Italy











St. Clement the Athenian

The Stylite of Mount Sagmata [+1111]










St. Conan

Bishop in the Isle of Man













St. Cyril [Kyril]

Metropolitan of Kazan, New Hieromartyr [+1937]









St. David IV

King of Georgia









St. Gabriel







St. Gabriel (Petrov)

Metropolitan of Novgorod and St. Petersburg [+1801]










St. Germanos

Ascetic of Sagmata










St. John

Martyr of Constantinople

Son of St. Xenophon [+6th c]





St. Joseph

the Merciful
Metropolitan of Moldavia








St. Maria

Ascetic, Wife of St. Xenophon [+6th c]







St. Paula







St. Peter

The Prison Guard [303]





St. Symeon [Simeon]

Ascetic, Palaios





St. Theofrid (Theofroy)

Abbot of Corbie, Bishop











St. Xenophon

Ascetic [+6th c]




St. Xenophon

Ascetic of Robika  


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