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St. Anathalon

First Bishop of Milan in Italy



St. Andochius

Priest, Martyr




St. Chuniald

Enlightener of  the south of Germany and Austria




St. David

of Serbia



St. Copris (Copres)










St. Dorothea

of Kasin









St. Galacteon

of Vologda



St. Gerard Sagredo

Bishop of Csanad, Apostle of Hungary




St. Geremarus (Germer)

Abbot of monastery of Pentale





St. Gislar

Enlightener of South Germany




St. Isarnus (Ysarn)

of Toulouse









St. Juvenal

Martyr of Alaska











St. Nicander

Hermit of Pskov



St. Persa [Persissa]










St. Peter

the Aleut



St. Rusticus

Bishop of Clermont in Auvergne in France






St. Silouan

Ascetic, The Athonite











St. Simon, the Monk

[St. Stephen, King of Serbia, the First-Crowned]






St. Thecla

Protomartyr, Equal to the Apostles



St. Theodore II

Patriarch of Antioch









St. Vladislav

Son of King Stephen of Serbia



St. Ysarn

Abbot of the monastery of St Victor in Marseilles


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