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24th JUNE

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The Nativity  of St. John, the Baptist

Prophet and Forerunner







St. Agilbert

Martyr in Creteil, Paris France




St. Agoard

Martyr in Creteil, Paris France




St. Aliprandus [Leuprandus]

 Abbot of St Augustine's in Pavia, Italy










St. Anthony

Ascetic of Dymsk, Novgorod 









St. Athanasius Parios






St. Cyriacus

Martyr of the seven brothers in Georgia









St. Elisabeth

Mother of St. John the Baptist  






St. Eros

Martyr, of the Seven Brothers in Georgia





St. Faustus











St. Germoc

Brother of St Breaca, Ireland






St. Henry (Heric)






St. Ivan




St. John

of Tuy, Ascetic








St. Nicetas

Bishop of Remesiana










St. Panagiotes [Panayiotes]

Newmartyr, 1765  






St. Rumoldus (Rumbold)

Bishop in Holland and Brabant in Belgium



St. Simplicius

Bishop of Autun



St. Theodulphus (Thiou)

Abbot of Lobbes in Belgium


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