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St. Arsenius

Abbot of Komel, Vologda





St. Aurea

Martyr in Ostia in Italy










St. Cosmas

Hieromartyr, Aitolos, 1779











St. Dionysius

 of Zakynthos, Archbishop of Aegina




St. Eutyches

Martyr, Disciple of St. John the Theologian









St. George

of Limniotes



St. Ouen

 (Audöenus, Aldwin, Owen, Dado)

Bishop of Rouen









St. Patrick

the Elder, Bishop in Ireland










St. Peter

Metropolitan of Moscow





St. Ptolemy

Martyr, Bishop of Nepi in Tuscany in Italy





St. Romanus

Bishop and martyr of Nepi in Tuscany in Italy



St. Sandratus


Abbot of Gladbach








St. Serapion

Abbot and Wonderworker

of monastery of St. John the Baptist, Georgia










St. Syra

Martyr of Persia






St. Tation









St. Yrchard

(Irchard, Yarcard)

Bishop by St Ternan, Scotland


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