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The 377 Martyrs








St. Anastasius

Hieromartyr, The Persian [+628]







St. Anastasius

Ascetic Martyr, Deacon of the Kiev Near Caves 





St. Blaesilla

Daughter of St Paula











St. Brihtwold

Bishop of  Wilton










St. Brithwald

Bishop of Ramsbury














St. Dominic

 Ascetic, Abbot of Sora in Italy




St. Gabriel

Martyr [+9th c]





St. Gaudentius

Bishop of Novara





St. George

Bishop of Debeltus




St. John

 Martyr [+9th c]











St. Joseph

The Sanctified, Ascetic of Crete, 1511





St. Leo

Hieromartyr, Bishop of Nicaea






St. Leo

Martyr [+9th c]










St. Macarius

of Zhabyn, Wonderworker









St. Manuel

Hieromartyr, Bishop of Andrianoupolis [+9th c]





St. Parodus

 Hieromartyr, Bulgaria [+9th c]






St. Paulinus

 Bishop of Nola 




St. Peter

Bishop of Bulgaria



St. Sionius

 Martyr [+9th c]






St. Timothy

Apostle, Bishop of Ephesus




St. Victor










St. Vincent

Martyr, Deacon, of Zaragoza




St. Vincent

[another] Martyr, Deacon 



St. Vincent

Bishop of Digne in France



St. Vincent



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