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21st MAY

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St. Ageranus [Ayran, Ayrman]

A monk at Bze in France








St. Barrfoin

 (Bairrfhionn, Barrindus)

of Ireland








St. Borus





St. Cassian

the Greek, Ascetic of Uglich









St. Constantine

The Great, Emperor  






St. Constantine, [Yaroslav]

Wonderworker of Murom 




St. Eutychius

Martyr, Deacon









St. Gollen (Collen, Colan)

Llangollen in Wales 













St. Helen

The Empress








St. Hospitius





St. Isberga (Itisberga)











St. Michael

 Newmartyr, of Eurytania, 1752





St. Pachomius

Ascetic Martyr, 1730



St. Secundinus




St. Theodore

Wonderworker of Murom 





St. Timothy

 Martyr, Deacon





St. Valens

Martyr, Bishop



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