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St. Abramius

Archimandrite, Wonderworker of Smolensk 













St. Agapius

Martyr, Son of St. Bassa





St. Alexander





St. Anastasius

A military tribune









St. Athanasios Patelaros

Patriarch of Constantinople










St. Avitus I

of Clermont










St. Bassa

Martyr of Edessa




St. Cisellus









St. Cyriaca

 (Kyriaki, Dominica)

 of Rome 







St. Donatus

Deacon, Hieromartyr of Romania





St. Euprepius

Bishop of Verona in the north of Italy




St. Isaac

Martyr of Hama, Syria









The Patriarch   


the Righteous




St. Leontius

the Elder, Bishop of Bordeaux in France



St. Luxorius










St. Martha, Semenovna Melyukova

of Diveyevo Monastery, 1829





St. Paternus










St. Pistus

Martyr, Son of St. Bassa




St. Privatus

Bishop of Mende in France



St. Quadratus

Bishop of Utica in North Africa



St. Romul

Presbyter, Hieromartyr of Romania, 304









St. Sarmean

 Catholicos of Kartli, Georgia










St. Sidonius Apollinaris

Bishop of Clermont in France




St. Symeon [Simeon]

New Hieromartyr of Samokov, Bulgaria, 1737










St. Thaddeus










St. Theognius

Martyr, Son of St. Bassa


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