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20th JULY

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St. Abramius

Ascetic of Galich [Chukhom Lake]

Disciple of Sergius of Radonezh









St. Alexei Medvedkov






St. Ansegisus

A monk at Fontenelle in France 





St. Aurelius

 Bishop of Carthage in North Africa









The Prophet 

Elias [Elijah]






St. Elias

 Patriarch of Jerusalem









St. Elswith

Wife of King Alfred the Great







St. Flavian

Patriarch of Antioch











St. Lydia

Newmartyr of Russia, 1928






St. Paul

of St Zoilus, Martyr



St. Rheticus

(Rheticius, Rhetice)

 Bishop of Autun in France




St. Severa

Abbess of St Gemma in Villeneuve near Bourges, France




St. Severa

Abbess of convent of Oehren in Trier in Germany


St. Wulmar

(Ulmar, Ulmer, Vilmarus, Volmar)



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