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St. Agathon

Ascetic, Wonderworker of the Kiev Caves




St. Agathon

Pope of Rome +682










St. Bessarion

Ascetic of Egypt











St. Bolcan (Olcan)

Bishop of Derkan in Ireland







St. Cindeus

Bishop of Pisidia











St. Colgan 'The Wise'

Abbot of Clonmacnoise in Offaly in Ireland












St. Cornelius

 Abbot of the Pskov Caves











St. Didymus

Martyr, Cyprus














St. Eleutherius

Bishop of Tournai 




St. Eucherius

Bishop of Orleans





St. Falco

Bishop of Maastricht in Holland











St. Leo

Bishop of Catania, Wonderworker +785





St. Macarius

Ascetic Martyr, Abbot of Balaam Monastery + 1578









St. Nemesius

Martyr, of Cyprus




St. Plotinus











St. Potamius

Martyr, of Cyprus






St. Sadoc

Bishop, Martyr




St. Valerius

Bishop of Conserans in France



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