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1st JULY

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St. Aaron

Protomartyr of Wales









St. Angelina Brancovich

Princess of Serbia 





St. Basil




 St. Carilefus

(Carilephus, Carileff, Calais)

Founder of monastery of Anisole



St. Castus

of Italy








St. Cewydd

of Anglesey in Wales












St. Constantine

of Ormedheia, of the 300 Alamanus,

Ascetic Martyr of Cyprus 










St. Cosmas

Selfless Physician of Rome  













St. Damian

Selfless Physician of Rome








St. Domitian

 Founded of monastery of Bebron




St. Eparchius (Cybar)






St. Gall

Uncle of St Gregory of Tours









St. Julius

Protomartyr of Wales




St. Juthware

Sister of St Sidwell



St. Leo

Ascetic, The Hermit










St. Leontius

of Radauti 






St. Martin

Bishop of Vienne in France




 St. Maurice




St. Peter

Ascetic, The Patrician



St. Potitus





St. Secundinus

of Italy









St. Servan (Serf, Sair)

The Apostle of West Fife in Scotland





St. Theodoric

(Thierry, Theodericus)

Abbot of Mont d'Or near Rheims









St. Veep

(Veepus, Veepy, Wimp, Wennapa)

Patron saint of St Veep in Cornwall


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