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19th JUNE

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St. Asyncritus





St. Barlaam

Ascetic of Shenkursk




St. Bruno (Boniface)

Archbishop of Mersburg





St. Culmatius




 St. Deodatus

(Dié, Didier, Dieu-Donné, Adéodat)




St. Deodatus

Bishop of Nevers in France



St. Dionysius






St. Gaudentius

 Martyr, Bishop in Italy





St. Gervase

Protomartyr of Milan




St. Hildegrin

Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne





St. Innocent

Bishop of Le Mans in France











St. Job

Patriarch of Mosccow and all Russia 










St. Jude

Apostle of the Twelve











St. Paisius

 Ascetic, The Great   













St. Paisius

Ascetic of Hilandari, Bulgaria  








St. Protase

Protomartyr of Milan










St. Romuald

Abbot of monastery in Classe near Ravenna  












St. Ursicinus

Martyr of Ravenna 




St. Zenon




St. Zosimus



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