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18th APRIL

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St. Acacius II

Bishop of Melitene



St. Agia [Aia, Austregildis, Aye]

Wife of St Hidulf of Hainault 





St. Anthia

Martyr, Mother of St. Eleutherius, Bishop of Illyria





St. Apollonius

the Apologist










St. Athanasia

Ascetic, Wonderworker of Aegina 






St. Auxentius






St. Basil Ratishvili

of Georgia










St. Bitheus

Disciple of  St Finian of Clonard, Ireland









St. Calocerus











St. Cogitosus

Ascetic of Kildare in Ireland








St. Corebus





St. Cosmas

Bishop of Chalcedon, Confessor









St.  Cyril

Patriarch of Constantinople,

New Hieromartyr of Pythio, 1821











St. Deicola (Dicul)

of Ireland






St. Eleutherius

Bishop of Illyria



St. Euthymius

Ascetic, Wonderworker




St. Euthymius

Ascetic, Enlightener of Karelia and Finland 












St. John

Ascetic, The Hesychast












St. John

Newmartyr of Ioannina, 1526





St. John

Newmartyr of Koulikas, 1564










St. Laserian (Molaisse)

Bishop of Leighlin in Ireland







St. Matthew

Ascetic, of Aegina




St. Naucratius

Ascetic, of Studion




St. Perfectus






St. Sabbas [Savas]

Martyr, Stratelades, The Goth










St. Tounom,

the Emir, Martyr






St. Wicterp (Wiho, Wicho)

Bishop of Augsburg





St. Zeno

Martyr of Nicomedia





St. Zoticus

Martyr of Nicomedia


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