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St. Achillas











St. Anthony

The Great [+356]










St. Anthony the New

Ascetic of the Berroia Skete






St. Anthony

Ascetic of Chernoezero 










St. Anthony

Ascetic of Dymsk, Novgorod 





St. Anthony

of Krasny Kholm 





St. Anthony

Monk  at St Andrew's on the Coelian Hill in Rome





St. Apostolus

The New






St. Genitus

Ascetic in Celle-sur-Naton in France







St. Genulfus (Genou)

Ascetic in Celle-sur-Naton in France











St. George

New-martyr, Patron Saint of Ioannina, 1838









St. Joseph

Bishop of Freising in Germany





St. Junilla










St. Mildgyth

Sister of Sts. Milburgh and Mildred of Minster-in-Thanet















St. Nennius

One of the 'Twelve Apostles of Ireland'





St. Richimirus





St. Sulpicius (II) the Pious

Bishop of Bourges in France



St. Theodosius The Great

 Emperor [+395]



St. Turbon



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