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St. Agathangelos,

Newmartyr of Florina, 1727









St. Auxibius

Bishop of Solon, Cyprus







St. Donatus






St. Euxiphius






St. Faustinus











St. Finan

Ascetic of Lindesfarne













St. Fintan

Abbot in Clonenagh in Leix in Ireland













St. Fortchern

Bishop of Trim in Ireland






St. Guevrock

 (Gueroc), Kerric)

Abbot of Loc-Kirec





St. Habet-Deus

Bishop of Luna in Tuscany in Italy











St. Hermogenes

Metropolitan of Moscow






St. Joseph

New Ascetic Martyr of Dionysiou Monastery. +1819










St. Loman (Luman)

 Bishop of Trim in Meath in Ireland
















St. Marcian

 King +457











St. Mariamne

Sister of Apostle Phillip









Finding of Relics of 

St. Menas Calliceladus




St. Michael

Newmartyr, Mauroeides, Andrianupolis











St. Pulcheria

Queen +453







St. Romanus

Ascetic of Bulgaria





St. Romulus






St. Secundian





St. Silvinus










St. Solon







St. Theodore

Greatmartyr of Tyro +307










St. Theodore

the Silent, of the Kiev Caves










St. Theodore

The Byzantine

Newmartyr of Mytilene, 1795







St. Theodosius

The Bulgarian




St. Theosterictus




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