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16th JUNE

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St. Actinea

Martyr of Volterra in Italy




St. Aurelian

Bishop of Arles in France



St. Aureus

Bishop of Mainz in Germany




St. Berthaldus (Bertaud)

 Priest in the Ardennes in France









St. Cettin (Cethagh)

Bishop of Ireland











St. Colman McRoi












St. Curig

Bishop of Llanbadarn in Wales








St. Elappas






St. Eutropius

Martyr of Mesopotamia





St. Felix






St. Ferreolus




St. Ferrutio

Deacon martyr









St. Hermogenes,

Bishop of Tobolsk, New Hieromartyr, 1918











St. Ismael

Bishop in Wales





St. Mark

Bishop of Apollonia, Hieromartyr




St. Maurus











St. Mnemonius

 Bishop of Amathus, Cyprus  






St. Similian (Sambin)

 Bishop of Nantes in France




St. Simplicius

Bishop of Bourges in France




St. Tigrius










St. Tikhon [Tychon]

Bishop of Amathus, Limassol, Cyprus 











St. Tikhon

of Kaluga or Medin  












St. Tikhon

of Luchov, Kostroma  



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