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15th MAY

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St. Abercius, (Kedrov)

Hieromartyr, Archbishop of Zhitomir, 1937









St. Achillius

Archbishop of Larissa 











St. Andrew

Ascetic, The Hermit











St. Barbarus

of Pentapolis, The Outpourer of Myrrh





St. Basil

Equal to the Apostles, Russian










St. Bercthun (Bertin)

Abbot of Beverley in England






St. Bertha




St. Caecilius

disciple of the Apostles




St. Caesarea






St. Cala






St. Cassius

Martyr in Clermont in Auvergne 










St. Colman Mc O'Laoighse   







St. Ctesiphon

Disciple of the Apostles 











St. Demetrius [Dimitri]

Prince of Moscow, Russia  













St. Dympna (Dymphna)








St. Euphrasius

Disciple of the Apostles 





St. Euphrosynus

Ascetic, Abbot and Wonderworker of Pskov




St. Hilary





St. Isaiah

Bishop of Rostov









St. Isaiah

Ascetic, Wonderworker,  The cave dweller




St. Maximus





St. Nicholas Kedrov

Priest, New Hieromartyr, 1936









St. Pachomius

Ascetic, The Great  








St. Pachomius Kedrov

Archbishop of Chernigov, 1938











St. Panegyrius

Ascetic of Cyprus 







St. Rupert






St. Secundus

Disciple of the Apostles  





St. Serapion

Ascetic of Pskov 





St. Silvanus






St. Silvanus

Ascetic of Nerekhta 





St. Simplicius






St. Torquatus

Disciple of the Apostles





St. Waldalenus

Founder of monastery of Bze in France


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