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14th JUNE

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St. Anastasius

Deacon in Cordoba in Spain









St. Cearan (Ciaran)

Abbot of Bellach-Duin in Ireland














St. Cyril

Bishop of Gortyna, Crete










St. Dogmael

Ascetic, Wales







St. Elisha

Ascetic of Suma, Solovki










St. Elisseus [Elisha]

 The Prophet  







St. Etherius

Bishop of Vienne in France









St. George Mstislav

Prince of Novgorod 







St. Gerold

Bishop of Evreux in France





St. Hartwig

Archbishop of Salzburg in Austria









St. John Mauropus

Bishop of Euchaita




St. Julitta




St. Lotharius

Bishop of Séez



St. Marcian

of Syracuse 



St. Mark

Bishop of Lucera 








St. Methodius

Patriarch of Constantinople, The Confessor   











St. Nennus ( Nehemias)

Abbot of monasteries of the

Isles of Arran and Bute in Ireland












St. Niphon

Ascetic, The Kausokalyvitis, 1411



St. Psalmodius

 (Psalmet, Saumon, Saumay)




St. Quintian

bishop in France




St. Richard

of St Vannes



St. Rufinus





St. Valerius



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