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11th JULY

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St. Abundius

Priest in Ananelos, Spain



St. Amabilis

A nun at Saint-Amand in Rouen in France





St. Arcadius

Ascetic of Novotorsk




St. Arsenius

Patriarch of Alexandria









St. Budimir Sokolovic

of Dobrun, New Hieromartyr, 1945





St. Cindeus

Martyr, Priest




St. Cyprian










St. Drostan

Abbot of Deer in Aberdeenshire, Apostle of Scotland










St. Euphemia








St. Hidulf (Hidulphus)

Abbot of Moyenmoutier and Bonmoutier





St. John

Bishop of Bergamo in Italy




St. Leo

Ascetic, of Mandra




St. Leontius

the Younger, Bishop of Bordeaux in France



St. Marcian




St. Martyrocles











St. Nectarius

Ascetic Martyr, of Bryulon, 1820





St. Nicholas

Ascetic Martyr, of Bryula









St. Nicodemus

 The Solitary, Ascetic of Vadopedi




St. Nicodemus

Ascetic Martyr, of Elbanan, 1722









St. Olga

 Equal to the Apostles, Queen of Russia




St. Pius I

Pope of Rome



St. Sabinus

Martyr, Poitiers in France



St. Sabinus (Savinus)




St. Sidronius




St. Sigisbert

Founder of monastery of Dissentis in Switzerland









Gerontas Sophronius

Founder of Monastery of St. John the Baptist, Essex 











St. Thurketyl (Turketil)

Abbot of the monastery at Bedford


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