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Tone 1

When the Jews made sure Thy sepulchre by sealing the stone, and the soldiers stood guard by Thy most sacred body, O Saviour, Thou didst rise the third day, granting life to all the world. Wherefore all the host of heaven, cried out to Thee the giver of life: Glory to Thy resurrection, O Christ, glory to Thy kingdom, Glory to Thy dispensation, O lover of mankind.


Tone 2

When Thou didst descend toward death, O Life Everlasting, Then Thou didst shatter Hades with the light of Thy Divinity. And when Thou didst raise the dead from that infernal place, all the heavenly powers cried unto Thee, O Christ our God, the giver of life, glory to Thee.


Tone 3

Let the heavens rejoice and all that is on earth be glad, For the Lord hath shown strength with His arm, He hath overcome death by death, and hath become the firstborn from the dead. From the bowels of Hades He delivered us, and hath granted to the world the great mercy.


Tone 4

The glad tidings of the resurrection, the angel made known to the female followers of the Lord. And casting aside their forefathers condemnation, To the Apostles they proudly affirmed; Death hath been overthrown and raised is Christ our God, Granting the world great mercy.


Tone 5

To the Son co-eternal with the Father and the Holy Ghost, Who was born of the Virgin for our salvation, let us the faithful sing praise and worship: For He will in the flesh to be lifted on the Cross and to suffer death, And with His glorious resurrection to raise the dead.


Tone 6

Angelic powers appeared beside Thy tomb, and the keepers became as dead men; and standing in the sepulchre was Mary seeking, For Thy most sacred body. Thou didst plunder Hades, which failed in tempting Thee. Thou didst meet the virgin and didst give life. Thou who art risen from the dead, O Lord, glory to Thee.


Tone 7

Thou hast shattered with Thy Cross the chains of death, and opened to the thief the gates of Paradise; the Myrrhbearers mourning Thou hast transformed, and to Thine Apostles Thou gavest command to preach; For Thou art risen Christ our God, Granting the world Thy great mercy.


Tone 8

Thou didst descend from on high, O All- Merciful; and didst endure for three days the burial: So that Thou might set us free from our passions. Thou art our life and our resurrection: O Lord, glory to Thee.