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Question 70

Hi Please may you explain the Muslim concept of Allah.  Do Muslims have the same beliefs regarding God as the Jews do? Or is the concept of Allah totally different?    



Answer to Question 70


Firstly let me explain that the word Allah is not a Muslim word but Arabic and was used and is still used by Arab Christians today. Allah simply means God and is probably derived from the Biblical Hebrew for God which is Eloah (Elohim in the plural). 


We can say that all three major religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have their origins in the Old Testament. All three believe in One God and share the first five Books of the Old Testament known in Hebrew as the Torah. Judaism held to the belief that God would send a Messiah who would be their ruler for all eternity. Christianity is the fulfilment of the Jewish hope and believes Jesus Christ was the expected Messiah. Islam does not believe in a Messiah but believes that both the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Gospel had become distorted both in interpretation and text and so God sent the Archangel Gabriel to Muhammad in the 7th century to reveal to him what Muslims consider the final revelation and literal word of God which is known as the Quran.


In it is mentioned numerous figures considered as prophets in Islam, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, among others. Thus Muslims believe that God finally sent Muhammad as the last law-bearing prophet (Seal of the prophets) to convey the divine message to the whole world (to sum up and to finalize the word of God).