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Question 48

The bible states that we won't be sent more than we can handle and that we should not lose heart in the face of temptation since the same experience of suffering is required from our brethren around the world. Christ also said that not one hair shall fall from our heads apart from our Father's will. In light of the above can it not perhaps be said that notwithstanding the fact that evil does not proceed from God, He nevertheless allows it and sometimes for purposes unknown to us? Even in the book of Job ,God asks Job when he questions his sufferings where he namely Job was when God laid the foundations of the world. Even St Paul asked Christ for a certain problem of his to be removed but was told that the Lord's grace was sufficient for him. Furthermore we are told that we should cast all our cares upon the Lord and His grace will comfort us. Therefore in times of suffering in light of the above even when our suffering is not taken away, am I right to state that we must not forget that no matter what God is in control and take comfort from Him? Is it also true that we won't be sent more than we can handle or is that used in the context of temptations?     



Answer to Question 48


 I think much of what I would say as a reply is covered in the reply to a question on the 2nd post on IF GOD EXISTS WHY DOES HE ALLOW EVIL TO EXIST? (see previous question 47 20 January 2018)


We often hear people saying that God sent you this illness to test you, but this is wrong because then God becomes the source of suffering. As I have said before illnesses and sufferings are the results and consequences of the fall. But even if we accept that the suffering is from a temptation like in the case of Job, nothing was sent by God. God does not send, but he allows with the knowledge that if we donít despair and accept our suffering with humility then it will turn into a blessing in disguise and help us grow spiritually. In this way we can accept that everything that comes our way is part of Godís plan for us.


In answer to the last part of your question, I would say that if our suffering is the result of a temptation that God has allowed for the testing of our faith then he knows that we have the strength to deal with it and wonít allow us to be tempted beyond our spiritual strength.  We see this as we progress up the spiritual ladder. When someone has no knowledge of God then he wonít have temptations because there is no faith to test, but as soon as someone begins to know God then the temptations begin and as he grows in faith so also do the temptations. As the person rises the spiritual ladder so do the temptations become more intense and frightful.