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Question 43

A priest once told me that all those who haven't heard of Christ will be judged by their deeds which includes Hindus and Muslims. If that's true, what's the point of preaching the gospel?     



Answer to Question 43


Your recent question is very similar to your question dated 5th November so my answer is the same. (see question 37)


The only thing I would add is something to explain “what is the point of preaching the Gospel”. With my previous answer I said that “salvation can only be found in the Orthodox Church, but when we talk of salvation we always mean perfect salvation which is deification. Only Baptism in the Orthodox Church gives us the ability to become deified.”   In other words there are many levels of salvation and non Orthodox can be saved at a certain level but they cannot reach deification which is achieved only in the Church through baptism, the Sacraments and through faith and works. Thus preaching the Gospel to people who have never heard of Christ is to give them the same opportunity to reach perfect salvation.


 The caption on the photo you posted says that if the priest had not told the Eskimo about Christ then because of his ignorance he would not be judged to hell and now because he has been preached to and has knowledge of Christ he is in danger of being condemned to hell.   But we can reverse this and say that someone who has never heard of Christ can on the day of Judgement complain that because he was not preached to and never had the opportunity to receive baptism and the sacraments of the church he was denied the opportunity to reach perfect salvation.