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Question 40

Hi, Father  If any rational person witnesses an adult raping a child, he will try to stop them. Yet an almighty, omnipresent God allows such things to happen despite the pleas and prayers of a child and the same God blesses other people with wealth and cars! Why is that?    



Answer to Question 40


 The thought of someone sexually abusing a child is something that the majority of good and law abiding citizens find abhorrent, but this is just another side of the great evil that exists in the world. Child abuse is probably more disturbing than other evils because the child is weak and helpless and cannot defend itself against those who choose to cause it harm. Along with rape, there is child prostitution, child pornography and child slavery.


Ideally we would love to see God intervening and defending these innocents by zapping the offenders from the face of the earth, but then when should God stop intervening? Is it okay for an adult to be raped? Shouldn’t God also intervene for adults? What about all the horrific murders and the atrocities of war and the list can go on and on, shouldn’t God intervene at every act of evil?  It is easy to say why does God allow this or why has he let it happened?


There is so much evil and human suffering in this world, but God is no way to blame for the choices of some humans to inflict evils on other human beings. We cannot blame God for man’s wrongdoings.  He does not intervene with human life because he respects man’s free choices. If God puts us right every time we erred, he would be revoking his gift of free will and we would be like robots simply doing what we have been programmed to do.


With every occasion of free will being used for evil there will always be a victim and in the case of child rape it is the child, but God does not intervene because he respects the choice of the evil person to do harm. It does not mean that God likes it or approves of it, but the evil person it also his child and is given the same opportunity to repent of his evil until his earthly life comes to an end.  With our logic and human judgment it may seem that God allows the evil person to operate without repercussions, but that is only in this temporary world. God sees the eternal truth where the perpetrator will not escape his punishment in eternity.