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Question 32

Should we show our faith through wearing a cross? Or should we hide our faith by hiding our cross? As I have heard that we mustn't show our faith through material but through acts of kindness and through our charity.



Answer to Question 32


 Although the cross was an instrument of a shameful and horrible death, our Lord’s suffering and death on the cross has made it the first symbol of Christianity and from an instrument of great suffering has become an instrument of great glory and victory and a symbol of our salvation, for through the cross Christ overcame death.


At baptism we are given a cross as the symbol of our faith and we are expected to wear this cross for all our life, but for most of us our baptismal cross is lost or misplaced and we replace it with another cross.  For many, wearing a cross is a statement of faith and as the sacred object that it is, bestows protection from all dangers upon the wearer. It should be worn so that it touches our breast so that from this touch our bodies are sanctified. It is therefore usually worn inside our clothing, but can be worn above our clothing as a symbol and statement of our Christian faith to others.


What we shouldn’t do is wear the cross as a piece of fashion jewellery which sadly is the case with so many nowadays. From a cross on a chain we now see the cross on earrings, bracelets, ankle chains, rings, and so many other objects that defile the use and meaning of wearing a cross.  For the true Christian the cross still remains the sacred object of our faith and goes without saying that wearing it will not make us better Christians if at the same time we do not show Christian love to our fellow men.