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Question 28

Father with the holiday of halloween coming up, what is the view of the Greek Orthodox Church and what is your opinion?



Answer to Question 28


 With the Roman Catholic Church the feast of all saints is celebrated on 1st November. In older times this was referred to as the feast of All Hallows and the evening before was All Hallows Eve which is what Halloween literally means. Because in the west like England, there were many devil worshippers, people began to believe that on the eve of the feast witches and those who dabble in the evil crafts had certain powers. I don't think the Catholic Church or the Church of England believe these superstitions, they are simply folklore customs. The Orthodox Church has never entertained such beliefs, but then why should she, it is clearly a western custom and has nothing to do with the Orthodox faith. We do have our own version of when little demons come out to play, on the eve of the feast of Theophany 6th January where it is believed that kalikanjari come to annoy people and the only way to get rid of them is to throw them xerotiana, but again this is just a folklore custom and nothing to do with the church.