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Question 2

Father Christopher, should our kids go for confession?   



Answer to Question 2


You do not say how old the children are. There is a school of thought that children should start going for confession at an early age (Junior School) so that they will become accustomed with the sacrament and to overcome the fear of speaking with a priest. I personally feel that Junior School children are far too young to understand the meaning of sin and if they have the tendency to lie occasionally and be disruptive these are elements of growing up and not reasons to be taken to a priest for confession. Teenagers on the other hand are at an age where they are discovering the world of grown ups and often can't wait to indulge in adult activities. This would be a good time for them to begin going for confession, but it must not be imposed on them by their parents as something they must do. Anyone going for confession must do so willingly and because he/she feels the need to cleanse his soul from certain offences he/she has committed. You can of course raise the subject of confession and see how they react to the idea. If they react positively then you can help them find a good spiritual father. But if they react negatively then they are not ready and you mustn't push them; if they are close to the church then when the time comes they will go on their own.